Different Sex Positions To Heat Things Up

Need to know some different sex positions to heat things up in the bedroom? Besides the missionary sex position that is, which, lets face it, can become boring real fast. Sex is supposed to be fun and exciting, so why not try different sex positions to heat things up. If you want to heat things up, try these different sex positions:

  1. Have your partner lay on her stomach with her legs spread. Have as much fun as you like.
  2. Having your partner on her hands and knees is always a great sex position. It allows for more penetration and feels great.
  3. Place your partner's back to you, and lift her leg in the air. Use your imagination for the rest.
  4. Men, lay on your backs and have her stand over you. Have her bend her knees and sit on you, going up and down with her legs lifting her. This will drive you  crazy and give her all the control, which I am sure you men know women like.
  5. While standing, have your partner bend over, and the rest is history in the making. This will give you men the control, which women know you like.
  6. Have sex standing up in the shower. It may be slippery, but sometimes the more slippery things are, the better the sex is!
  7. Have sex outdoors, in the woods, on the tailgate of a truck, by a railroad track or even under a waterfall. Any sexual position you use outdoors can be fun, plus it adds a thrill at the thought of getting caught.
  8. Last, but not least, do not be afraid to experiment with different sex positions to heat things up. Trying new combinations that come to you in the moment adds to the fun of having sex.
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