Digoxin Side Effects

Digoxin side effects have shown up in patients who have taken this drug. Doctors have prescribed this medication for people that have heart problems and irregular heartbeats. Read on to learn information about Digoxin side effects.

  1. Irregular heartbeat. Digoxin can stop an irregular heartbeat known as arrhythmia. However, users have experienced an abnormal heart rate while taking this medication.
  2. Fainting. Fainting is a loss of consciousness. The blackout usually lasts for a few seconds or minutes. Fainting can sometimes be a sign of a more serious condition and is one of the several Digoxin side effects.
  3. Slow heartbeat. A slow heartbeat is also known as bradycardia. Your heart should beat at least 60 to 100 times per minute. This condition could be caused by a blockage or it could be a side effect of Digoxin. Patients taking Digoxin have had this side effect.
  4. Loss of appetite. It is not unusual for patients to experience a loss of appetite while taking Digoxin. This is not severe side effect. However, if the problem persists, contact your doctor.
  5. Throwing up. If you are throwing up while taking Digoxin, please go see your doctor immediately. This is one of the Digoxin side effects that you do not want to ignore.
  6. Stomach pain. Digoxin side effects may cause stomach pain. Pay attention to this side effect because you may be getting too much of the drug. Do not hesitate to contact your healthcare provider.
  7. Depression. If taking this drug makes you feel sad, do not stop taking the drug. Contact your doctor first. Digoxin helps blood circulate and improves the strength of the heart.
  8. Difficulty breathing. Not only can difficulty breathing be caused respiratory problems, medical professionals have also pointed at Digoxin. Contact your physician immediately because this is a serious side effect. 
  9. Blurred vision. If objects seem smaller or larger and colors are hard to determine because of blurred vision, see your doctor. Halos and hallucination has been listed as one of Digoxin side effects. Find medical treatment quickly.
  10. Swelling at the feet or hands. Swollen hands and feet are common Digoxin side effects. If this condition persists, inform your doctor. Swelling of the hands or feet could indicate congestive heart failure.
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