Diphenhydramine Side Effects

Diphenhydramine side effects come as a result of taking certain allergy medications. While the drug is certainly helpful when it comes to relieving hay fever and your cat allergies, it’s not so great if it causes breathing problems or other undesired side effects.

  1. Dry mouth: In case you’ve never had dry mouth before, it’s where your tongue sticks to the roof of your mouth and you don’t have enough saliva to even swallow, let alone spit. You can relieve this by sucking on lollipops or chunks of ice.
  2. Breathing difficulty: Diphenhydramine side effects include drying up your mucus, which makes breathing quite difficult. This might even be dangerous if you’re prone to getting asthma.
  3. Ringing in the ears: If you hear a belltower ringing in your ears, you’re probably the only one if you’ve taken Diphenhydramine. It’s a pretty rare side effect, but possible nonetheless.
  4. Headache: Few products exist that don’t include headache as a side effect. So it’s not surprising that headaches make their way to the Diphenhydramine side effects list, too.
  5. Enlarged prostate: This, along with difficulty taking a pee, is one of the lesser-known but still-possible side effects of taking this drug. And if Murphy’s Law has its way, you’re sure to get this one, no matter how rare.
  6. Constipation: It seems rather unlikely that something designed to cure allergies would actually cause getting backed up. But then practically anything is possible with this drug, so it’s not entirely unlikely.
  7. Appetite loss: The last thing you want to experience right before a big fried chicken dinner is a lack of appetite after taking Diphenhydramine. So let’s hope you don’t have a sneeze attack before you sit down to eat.
  8. Throwing up: You never know what your stomach might decide to hurl back up. If it doesn’t like the drug, you might be clutching the porcelain in a half hour or so.
  9. Blurred or changed vision: You probably don’t want to trade out itchy, runny eyes for complete blurred or loss of vision altogether. This one requires you to call the doctor if you experience it. Don’t wait until it’s too late for this one! This is pretty bad side effect.
  10. Worse chest congestion: Diphenhydramine can backfire, apparently. So instead of clearing out your allergies symptoms like stuffy nose and sneezing, things can actually get worse for you. Nice, isn’t it?



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