Dirt Bike Exhaust Removal Guide

Dirt bike exhaust removal guides will help you remove your dirt bike exhaust without damaging the exhaust system or your bike. There are a variety of reasons to remove your dirt bike exhaust, including repair, quieting it or replacing it. With a few simple tools and a few minutes you can remove your dirt bike exhaust and start with your repairs.

To remove dirt bike exhaust, you will need:

  • Socket & Ratchet 
  • Open-Ended Wrench
  • Spring Hook (Optional)
  1. Cool Exhaust. Allow the dirt bike exhaust to cool if the bike has been running. Once the exhaust has cooled completely you can start the removal process.
  2. Remove Manifold Nuts. Use a socket and ratchet to remove the exhaust manifold nuts. The size of the socket will depend on your specific manifold nuts. Examine the nuts to ensure there is no damage or excessive wear or debris built up on them. Set these aside so you don't lose them before the installation process. 
  3. Remove bolts. Use the open-ended wrench to remove the bolts that hold the exhaust pipe onto the catalytic converter. The bolts should be located on the upper end of the exhaust pipe. Examine the bolts for damage, excessive wear or debris before placing with the nuts.
  4. Detach the Exhaust Pipe. Once all the nuts and bolts are removed, gently pull the the exhaust pipe away from the engine and out of the frame. You can now continue with your repair or upgrade. 

Tip: Older bikes have springs that attach to the cylinder head. Use the spring hook to remove these before you remove anything else. Examine the springs to check for damage, excessive wear or debris before placing with the nuts and bolts for safe keeping.

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