Dirty Boxing Definition

Here is the dirty boxing definition for those of you who are interested. Dirty boxing is also known as clinch fighting and is an important part of the martial art known as Panantukan (Filipino boxing). Dirty boxing consists of the attacker getting his opponent in a clinch hold and then using one hand to deliver the blows to the face, neck and upper body of the opponent, with occasional kicks to the knees, legs and groin.

Most western boxers see dirty boing as being unethical, however in the martial arts world it is considered fair play and worth learning and perfecting. Even to those who utilize dirty boxing there are some maneuvers that are considered too low to use such as ear slapping, eye gouging, biting, and arm locking to name just a few. If you decide to learn the techniques for dirty boxing just remember that while most martial arts fighters will be ok with the moves, western boxers and street fighters will consider them foul play and unethical. The intent with dirty boxing is to overwhelm your opponent with a series of attacks. Combining strikes serves to keep your opponent confused and unable to strike back. This gives the attacker time to make even more strikes against their opponent.

Dirty boxing does not require much training, however there is very little training on defense against dirty boxing techniques. Keeping this in mind, should you choose to learn dirty boxing techniques, be sure to also practice being the opponent so as to learn defense moves against an attacker.

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