Dirty Boxing Techniques

Ever wonder how to throw an illegal punch using some dirty boxing techniques and not get caught by a referee? Well, look no further. These techniques are proven to work inside the ring and are still being used by many boxers today. Follow each of these dirty boxing techniques to have your opponents complaining while you raise your hands in glory.

  1. Hooking the hip boxing technique. Many boxers in the ring may go for this legal blow. It may look as though you're aiming your punches to the groin, but you're actually throwing a punch to the hip bone. This will cause the opponent to suffer from a hip pointer. It will immobilize your opponent, making for an easy target. Throw a hook punch at the sides of the opponent's hips for the technique to take an effect.
  2. The elusive elbow uppercut boxing technique. When throwing an uppercut, don't be concerned about making contact with the face. Your elbow should target the middle of the opponent's chest. An elbow can cause damaging effects on a person's chest or even the bottom of the chin, so use this dirty boxing technique often.
  3. Palm hook punch boxing technique. When wearing boxing gloves, there is padding that protects your fingers and knuckles, but not your palms. To effectively apply this dirty boxing technique, throw a hook punch to the temple of the head or the ear of an opponent.
  4. Thumb the bicep boxing technique. When you see your opponent throwing a jab at you, it may become difficult to reach the opponent's face; exploit the person's jab by throwing a hook punch to the bicep. This is no ordinary punch; when throwing this dirty blow, use your thumb to dig deep in the soft tissue of the bicep. This will not render the opponent's arm useless, but it will significantly weaken their punch.



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