Dirty Talk 101

This Dirty talk 101 guide is all about how to get your partner involved. Dirty talk isn’t as much fun if you’re the only one talking. To really get the ball rolling, you should do things that involve your partner in the dirty talk and make her more comfortable joining in.

  1. Wait until she’s aroused. Don’t start dirty talking right away. Start with some kissing and light foreplay. Do whatever she likes to get her in the mood. Once she’s turned on, then you can try some dirty talk.
  2. Start with something simple. You don’t want to jump right into bondage fantasies or describing a threesome. Instead, start with something simple, such as “I want you so bad right now” or “I can’t wait to be inside of you.”
  3. Pay attention to her reaction. Once you start with the dirty talk, it’s important to watch how your partner reacts. If she seems to get uncomfortable, back off a little. She might need to get more aroused before she’s comfortable with it.
  4. Dirty talk during sex. This doesn’t mean just during intercourse. The easiest way to get your partner involved is to start dirty talking while you’re pleasuring her. Take little breaks while performing oral sex, for example, to ask her how she likes it or tell her how turned on your getting. When you go back in, her excitement will be heightened, making it more likely that she’ll cut loose.
  5. Know your partner. All women have a sexual personality that’s different from how they speak and act during the day. Only you know what she’s really like behind closed doors. Use that information to center your dirty talk around things she’ll like. Making it all about her will make her more comfortable participating and can lead to even kinkier dirty talk down the road.
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