Dirty Text Message Ideas

When looking for dirty text message ideas, think outside the box. Anyone can send text messages about how sexy or irresistible a person is but being more sexually dirty can enhance the mood and end result. It's amazing how the little phrases that come through on a text message can heighten sexual tension between two committed people. Below are some examples of dirty text message ideas for lovers to share.

  1. "Wish you could see how hard I am." This is a perfect dirty text message idea to send to a woman after the sexting has been going on for awhile. After a few rounds of sex talk this is the ultimate question to ask to heighten her arousal. The adrenalin rush of being naughty at work can make the night's lovemaking much better.
  2. "Wish you could watch me in person." This is another great dirty text message idea to send to a partner especially after a video was just sent. The first text message in this series should begin with a warning of the next text message. Then send over the text video of self-gratification with the final dirty text message being the one saying "wish you could watch me in person." This is guaranteed to get the partner's sexual desires fiery hot.
  3. "Do you want me to shoot it all over your face." This dirty little text idea is guaranteed to get any woman excited. Women think about pearl necklaces constantly. This is a sexual fantasy probably right after a threesome with two men. Send this over to the female partner when she's in a business meeting. Make her squirm a little in her seat.
  4. "Are you picturing me naked?" This dirty text message idea is perfect to get the text messaging conversation started. Let her mind wander to a naked body strewn on her bed waiting for her arrival. Women have a vivid imagination when it comes to sex and sexually related images. 
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