Dirty Would You Rather Questions

Asking dirty would you rather questions will spice up your dating life or social life. Would you rather is a fun game that has questions about different scenarios. The questions feature two scenarios, and the person who answers must pick one. It is usually two really good scenarios or two really bad scenarios together. So basically, you are picking the greater of two goods or the lesser of two evils. There are clean would you rather questions and then there are dirty would you rather questions. Here are some great dirty would rather questions.

  1. Would you rather be puked on or pooped on during sex? This is grossest of the dirty would you rather questions, but hey, sometimes people lose their food during sex. Sometimes on you. Would you rather have it come out of the mouth end or the butt end?
  2. Would you rather be caught masturbating by your landlord or your co-worker? You have to see them both on a regular basis. You will skeeve your landlord out and your co-worker may spread the news. Which one of them would you feel less humiliated by if they were to catch you masturbating? This is one of the more fun dirty would you rather questions.
  3. Would you rather be gagged or have rough butt sex? And, yes, we mean butt sex as in being the "catcher" or receiver. Either with a woman wearing a strap-on or another man. If you are inexperienced in either practice, it will more than likely be unpleasant. Which one would you pick?
  4. Would you rather watch horses having sex or your parents having sex? Watching both are gross, unless you are a complete freak. Watching a horse insert his large horse penis into another horse's anus looks very painful. Watching your parents have sex is beyond awkward. Which one would leave you less traumatized?
  5. Would you rather have a lot of people discover that you have a super taboo fetish or discover that your girlfriend has a super taboo fetish… and she did it with another guy? This is one of the best dirty would you rather questions to ask. Being exposed as a perv is a terrible thing. If people discover you're into something really nasty and taboo, they'll never let you live it down. Finding out that your girlfriend is into something really freaky may not be so bad. But what if she did this freaky thing with another guy, while you two were in a relationship? Would you rather be super humiliated or super enraged?  
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