Dirty Wrestling Moves

Dirty wrestling moves have been around for as long as people have been involved in competitive wrestling. When you start talking about professional wrestling, you then see dirty moves taken to a whole new level. There are some dirty wrestling moves that are extremely dangerous, but before you get involved in the complicated dirty wrestling moves, you should learn about the very basic ones first.

  1. Punching. Believe it or not, punching with a closed fist is against the rules in professional wrestling. When you see someone who has an opponent in a corner and is pounding the opponent with a closed fist, that is a dirty move. The referees start counting because the offender has until the count of five to stop punching or he is disqualified.
  2. Eye rake. A headlock is a legal, but painful, professional wrestling move. Taking the fingernails and raking them across the opponent's eyes when the opponent is in a headlock is not a legal move. Another popular variation of this dirty wrestling move is a poke to the eyes.
  3. Choke hold. In professional wrestling, you cannot deliberately choke someone and cause them to lose consciousness. The sleeper hold is sometimes mistaken for a choke hold, but it is not. The sleeper hold is cutting off the flow of blood to the brain causing the opponent to pass out. However, a sleeper can be quickly moved down to the throat and become a choke hold. That is why you often see the referee run his hand under the arm that is creating the sleeper hold. He is checking to see if it is a choke.
  4. Foreign objects. One of the more dangerous of the dirty wrestling moves is to bring a foreign object into the ring. In many cases, the foreign object may be brass knuckles or an unsharpened pencil to poke someone in the neck or eyes with. These can be extremely dangerous.
  5. Climbing the ropes. Some of the dirtiest moves can be the most exciting. Professional wrestling has a rule against purposely climbing the ropes to use them to your advantage. So the next time you see your favorite wrestler standing on the top rope ready to pounce on his opponent, know that he is engaging in a dirty wrestling move.
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