Dissecting Games

Why you want to play dissecting games is your business. Most normal people do not have an interest in opening up creatures even in a virtual sense. Usually the people who develop these games intend them to be used in a classroom environment. Using virtual animals is preferable to cutting into dead animals in the minds of many people.

  1. Female Salmon Dissecting Game. This dissecting game allows you or your students to learn about the various parts of female salmon. If a student makes a remark about the naughty bits or uses a similar euphemism, just smile and tell him that his statements sounds fishy.
  2. Squid Dissecting Game. Catching squid is hard. This ten-legged creature of the sea is much smarter than humans give them credit for being. Squid are also a  favorite foods of certain sharks and whales, which makes them easier to find.
  3. Frog Dissecting Game. Frogs are a favorite dissection animal for seventh grade biology teachers the world over. No one objects to cutting into a frog too much. The same cannot be said for rats and mice. Some people find rats and mice, particularly those bred in a laboratory, cute.
  4. Dissection Game 2; If a person is looking for a game that is more fun and includes some twisted humor, the Dissection Game 2 will provide the distraction he is looking for. A person can use the game to create carnival exhibits if he so desires.
  5. Virtual Worm Dissection Game. No list of dissecting games would be complete without a nod to the venerable Earthworm. Many Middle School and Junior High school students have begun a thankfully brief career as an undertaker by taking a scalpel to an earthworm. The Earthworm Dissection game eliminates the need for such a gruesome task.
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