Dive Knives For Beginners

Check out these dive knives for beginners. Diving isn't one of those extracurricular activities that you just, well, dive into. You need to be well prepared for the journey. A good dive knife is essential to being a successful, and more importantly, a safe diver. Yes. A safe diver needs a good dive knife. But, not for what you may think. Most people make the false assumption of thinking that a dive knife is a weapon. While some dive knives can be used for hunting game, the real purpose of a dive knife is for your protection. Not protection against underwater creatures. No, a dive knife is for protection against yourself. Dive knives are used to get you out of entanglements that you may have gotten yourself into. They are used to help free your hoses and cut you loose in a pinch. Here are some great dive knives for beginners.

  1. Blue Reef Deluxe 5" Titanium Blunt Knife.  You can't mistake this bad boy for a weapon. But this great dive knife for beginner's will get you out of any jams. The rubber handle makes it easy to grip with or without gloves. It has a serrated edge for cutting on one side, and a straight edge on the other. The tip is blunted and the butt of the handle is perfect for an underwater knife. It also comes equipped with a rubber sheath that's easier to manipulate than older style buckles sheaths.
  2. Blue Reef Deluxe 6" Titanium Pointed Knife. This thing is the cousin to the aforementioned diving knife. It comes with all the same attributes. Great rubber handle with hammer butt, a titanium blade that resists corrosion, and the serrated edged blade as well. It also comes with a pointed edge. It's great for cutting hoses. This particular blade can be used for hunting underwater game.
  3. Tusa Imprex Knife Point. OK these things look like something "Rambo" would use, but the durability of the blade can't be denied. It has an easy to grip handle, and hammer butt. The metal is also corrosion retarded. A beginner diver does have to be careful with this puppy though. It's extremely sharp, and good to cut you out of most jams. The sheath is a strap on. It's recommended that you practice sheathing with this before you hit the water.
  4. Ocean Master Titanium Knife Blunt. This is probably the best knife for beginners. It's noted as being one of the strongest blades in the industry. The grip is perfect for an inexperienced handler. it's blade is specifically designed for cutting hoses. No one could mistake this for a gaming knife. And just like the rest, it  is resistant to the corrosive properties of any water type.



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