Divorcing A Narcissist

When it comes to a failed relationship, you may find yourself divorcing a narcissist. This is a person that you may see as self-centered, egotistical, and very conceited. Obviously this is going to be a less than pleasant situation, so you just need to attempt to do the best that you can to get through with it and move on. It will take some time, but most people find that they are much happier after divorcing a narcissist.

  1. Be sure that you want to divorce a narcissist. Sometimes, people can change. In your situation there may be a possibility that she can change. In this case consider some of the options and alternatives. If you want to to work things out you may want her to seek out therapy for herself or for the two of you to discuss counseling together.
  2. Let her know that you want to end the relationship. As you begin the process of divorcing a narcissist it is important for you to let her know that you don't want things to continue. This might be difficult for her to understand because being someone that is pretty self absorbed she probably will have a tough time accepting that she has any faults. Be clear that things are over.
  3. List out the reasons that you are planning to divorce a narcissist. Again, this may end up falling on deaf ears, but it is important to try to let her know why things aren't working out. It will help you feel better as you have an opportunity to explain the issues and problems that caused your decision. Being self-centered may make it difficult for her to see that you have a point. However, there is a chance that she will listen and take note of the points that you are trying to make.
  4. Explain the traits that make it difficult to be a part of the marriage. Divorcing a narcissist may bring up the opportunity to let them know that they are overly into themselves and uncaring towards other people's feelings. Either she will see this in herself and want to change or your suspicions will be confirmed and you can know that you are making the right decision to divorce a narcissist.
  5. Speak to a lawyer. Be sure to retain representation. You don't want to attempt divorcing a narcissist without having someone there to only only mediate, but also to make sure that your best interests are well represented. A narcissist might be quite skilled in attempting to make you feel bad about your choice as well as manipulating other people.

If you are planning on divorcing a narcissist, be sure that you are ready to take on a separation from someone with this type of powerful personality.  

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