Dj Hero Song List

Are you looking for the "DJ Hero" song list? Despite the waning sells of music video games, this 2009 release was favorably received by critics for its departure away from fan favorite "Guitar Hero". "DJ Hero" is similar to that of "Guitar Hero", but this time the player is a DJ; the purpose of "DJ Hero" is to remix different songs to make a unique song by use of the turntable controller. The game puts the player in the role of a club DJ, someone who has the knowledge to mix together two seemingly unrelated songs to make an entirely new and unique one.

The game has a total set list of 93 songs, each split into two different songs that the player combines. The track list features hit songs from several different genres, though it's most rock and rap/hip hop, however many famous DJs offer up their own mixes, including the Scratch Perverts, Mos Def, and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

  1. "Intergalactic/Rapture" by Beastie Boys & Blondie – The first bad boys of rap meet the rock group that probably invented it as the Beasties meet Blondie in this great mix.
  2. "Hollaback Girl/Give It to Me" by Gwen Stefani & Rick James – What do you get when you match the voice of Gwen Stefani with the funk stylings of Rick James? You get this great merging of their greatest hits.
  3. "I Heard it Through the Grapevine/Feel Good Inc" by Marvin Gaye & Gorillaz – The merging of old school with new school continues in this unlikely pairing of the great Marvin Gaye and the team from the Gorillaz.
  4. "Another One Bites the Dust/Brass Monkey" by Queen & Beastie Boys – Another offering from the Beasties, this time meeting with one of the greatest rock bands in history, when Brass Monkey meets one of the best bass lines ever.
  5. "Ice Ice Baby/U Can't Touch This" by Vanilla Ice & MC Hammer – What happens when you mix two of the greatest one hit wonders from the 90's? You get this great reimagining of the 90's rap scene with the Ice and the Hammer.

While the game itself didn't sell as with other music video games, the concept for "DJ Hero" was surprisingly much different than that of its tie-ins. However, "DJ Hero" is not only enjoyable, it also produces a great bunch of songs that can be played at a party.



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