Do Backbreaker Wrestling Move

Want to learn how to do a backbreaker wrestling move? Wrestling is a sport that pins, immobilizes and places the opponent under submission until the three count by the referee. At that point the match goes to the wrestler who succeeded in subduing his opponent. Wrestling is a sport that takes speed, instinct and knowledge of specific wrestling moves. You can't go out in a ring and not have a strategy in place. The backbreaker move in wrestling falls under the back and torso stretches moves. Once you learn this audience cringing move no one will dare mess with you on or off the ring.


You will need:

  • Wrestling clothing to spar
  • Protective head gear while training
  • Ring with ropes and floor mat
  • Volunteer opponent to practice sparring


  1. Set up. This usually occurs as each wrestler bounces off the ring ropes in preparation for an attack move. To have the upper hand to properly do a backbreaker wrestling move you must be faster than your opponent when coming off the ring ropes.
  2. Stand in the center of the ring. Once you and your opponent have played the dance of bouncing around the ring ropes you must act first. Meet your opponent in a ready position with arms out as though to cradle him.
  3. Grab your opponent. To do a backbreaking wrestling move with ease grab your opponent quickly by placing one arm up over his shoulder. Your knees should be bent so you can place your other arm through his legs grabbing his buttocks with your hands.
  4. Lift your opponent. This particular stunt allows you to know lift your opponent horizontally.  Your arms should cradle his body to your chest.
  5. Prepare for the crunch. Lean back a little holding the opponent's full body weight on your dominate leg. Lift your other leg and bend knee in preparation to do the backbreaker wrestling move.
  6. Drop opponent toward your thigh. At this point your are now rolling your opponent off your chest as your drop to kneel on one knee. Keep control of your opponent's body weight at all times.
  7. Finish him. Your opponent's back should now feel the force of your thigh. Roll him off your leg onto the floor mat. Now that's how you do a backbreaker wrestling move!  
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