Do Girls Like Guys With Long Hair?

Here is a question that many men today have asked themselves: "Do girls like guys with long hair?" Women have long hair at least once in their lives, so it would make sense that they like guys with long hair too. Whether you have long hair or short hair, it should be neat and clean.

There have been men with long hair all throughout history. Only recently have men been wearing their hair as short as they do now. In history if a man kept his long hair clean and cut evenly, he was considered a handsome man. It was a symbol of status and cleanliness if a man could keep his hair cut at a desirable length and clean.

Short hair in this age is very common and we see only a few long hair males within the male population. Short hair shows that a man works. Guys don’t want their hair to be caught in machinery or in a fire so they cut it. Long hair today might show that a man has a different kind of job that may not be in an industry. Most men don’t want to take the time to grow their hair out and then have to cut it off for a job.

Today, if a man has long hair, he stands out as the guy with long hair. A girl might notice him quicker from other males because of the way he wears his hair, but do girls like guys with long hair?  Men look good with long hair. If a man keeps it nice and clean then yes girls do like guys with long hair.

It may go back before the Stone Age.  Society was not around to dictate the way men wore their hair. There was no need for men to cut their long hair. Men that cut their hair did not have to deal with the dirt that accumulated there.

The men that kept their long hair clean were free of the dirt and diseases that came with it when hunting. They were healthy and women may have been attracted to them, because they shared a common trait together, long hair. Maybe long hair needed more grooming from another and created a bonding experience between a pair of humans.

If a man grows his hair out he will have a common talking point immediately with a woman. A woman is more likely to comment on a man’s hair style if it isn’t like the rest and is neat and clean. Long hair may draw the attention of a woman and provoke a comment from her. If the means of growing hair longer than usual length is to attract the attention of a woman, it may work in the man’s advantage. It all really depends on if the woman likes the look of long hair, so go ahead and grow it out!

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