Do Girls Like Shy Guys

Do girls like shy guys or do they prefer more confident individuals? This really depends on the girl, and there are cases where shy guys really have no hope, but not all the news is bad. There are definitely ways to handle being shy that can be advantageous, and some girls like shy guys under almost any circumstances.

Most people believe that girls tend to prefer the cocky sort of guys that act as if they’re God’s gift to women. Some women definitely operate this way, and it can be hard for a shy guy to win their affection. Some girls with these tendencies can start to like shy guys who learn to behave a little more like cocky guys, and that’s one of the more common tactics used. There are many dating gurus that teach these skills, and they can be effective with certain women.  

Another subset of girls like shy guys because they have a mysterious quality about them. If the guy doesn’t talk much, it’s easy for the woman to imagine that he's a really interesting person. This will require some effort on the guy’s part when interacting with the girl. He may have to embrace his inner shyness to a certain extent, and find those moments when being quite can seem like you’re holding back something interesting about yourself.

There are also some shy girls who especially like shy guys because they perceive that they may have similar interests. It’s pretty common for introverts to have things in common. For example, they may like to read, or they may be cinema buffs, and there are many other things. You can never tell this just by looking at somebody, but some girls like shy guys because they perceive the possibility that the person might be similar to them. There are some very interesting and attractive shy girls out there, and they may not have any interest in overbearing cocky guys at all. 

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