Do Men Age Better Than Women?

Need an answer to the age-old question, do men age better than women? It's an endless debate, and since there are so many variables to consider you can't definitively say one way or the other. like most people, you probably believe that men do indeed age better, as that is the message the media tends to send and what is commonly accepted. But it's not a given that a male will age better than his female counterpart.

In general, the difference between which sex ages better can be chalked up to a few things.

  • Lifestyle. What does each sex do to take care of themselves?
  • Bad habits. Smoking and drinking will make both sexes age.

When you consider these two things you realize, at least from this vantage point, that neither sex ages better than the other. Both men and women can take equally good care of themselves, not smoke, not overly drink, and be in shape. But one of them may have a family history of some kind of illness that still prevents their life span from being what it could to be comparable.

It has always been thought that men age better than woman. But men typically die at a younger age than women. As far as looking more youthful, smoking will add years to either age regardless of being a man or woman. The subject of men aging better than woman has so many different angles to take in to consideration; there is no one answer.

But it's interesting to look at the scenarios.

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