Do Mixed Wrestling Boston Crab

Knowing how to do mixed wrestling Boston Crab moves can get a submission from an opponent and put you in the winner's circle. While this movement is banned in some MMA associations, it remains a popular submission hold in other organizations. The move can be very dangerous for the person on the receiving end, therefore it should not be tried at home for fun or used by anyone without formal training. Mercy for an opponent should be used when executing the Boston Crab. As soon as they tap, it should be released.

  1. Get your opponent onto their back. Whether by sweeping the legs or a full body take-down, to do the Boston Crab, you must get the opponent onto their back. A tackle works well as it can take the breath out of the person and render them weak.
  2. Position yourself between their ankles. The next motion to do the Boston Crab is to squat down between their extended legs.
  3. Grab the ankles. To do the Boston Crab, grab the opponent's ankles and place them under your arm pits. This may be difficult if the person is struggling. Press down tightly on the ankles.
  4. Stand up. With the ankles secured, the next step to do the Boston Crab is to stand up, raising the opponent's legs into the air.
  5. Roll them over. The critical movement to do the Boston Crab is to roll them over by stepping over their raised legs, turning the person onto their stomach.
  6. Position your feet at the thigh area of the opponent. To do the Boston Crab, you must step back, with ankles secured. Be sure each of your feet is planted securely on the outside of their legs.
  7. Squat and lean. Squat by bending at the knees and slightly lean back, pulling on the ankles. This will hyper extend the hamstrings and put extreme pressure on the opponent's back. They will typically submit fairly quickly.
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