Do Penis Enlargement Pills Really Work?

Every guy wants a bigger penis so they often ask the question, "Do penis enlargement pills really work?" Even if his sexual partner is satisfied with the size of his penis, most men wonder if bigger is possible. According to late night television, the answer is yes. The media is filled with commercials that tell guys about pills that will enlarge their penis and lead to a more fulfilled sex life. The problem is that none of those pills have been to shown to increase penis size. The average penis, when erect, is four to six inches long. There will always be people who fall outside that range, but the majority of men will never be larger than six inches when erect. Penis enlargement pills are mostly a mixture of herbs that have no real effect on making a penis bigger. 

You may be thinking that if pills do not work, then maybe surgery will. Think again. The American Urological Association cautions against having penile enlargement surgery due to the risks involved. Patients who have undergone surgery report having scarring, impotence, and infections. The risks, coupled with the price, upwards of $20,000, make penile surgery a crazy choice.

Doctors state that if you want a larger penis, one method is to lose weight. Losing weight will make your penis seem longer. If you're already in great shape but you're still obsessed with having a bigger penis, doctors suggest seeing a counselor or therapist. The penis was made to please and be pleased. So instead of worrying about your penis size, get out there and enjoy it. If your partner is satisfied with your size, you should be too.



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