Do Penis Pumps Really Work?

Are you asking yourself, do penis pumps really work? According to The Kinsey Institute, penis pumps do not work. In fact, none of the penis enlargement systems that you see advertised on the Internet or television work. That includes penis enlargement surgeries and male enhancement pills. Penis pumps do not work because the penis is not a muscle. The penis is actually made up of spongy erectile muscle, so there is no way of strengthening, or enlarging, that muscle like you would your biceps.

Penis pumps can even prove to be an injury risk if they are not properly used. If you over pump your penis with the penis pump, blood vessels and capillaries that are located under the skin of your penis can rupture, which causes extreme bruising. You can even develop blisters on your penis from using penis pumps. Penis pumps actually reduce blood flow in your penis during the pumping process, so you can also end up with soft erections if you overuse the penis pump or use it for too long.

Unfortunately, many men will run out to the store to pick up penis pumps or male enhancement pills because the advertisements that they are viewing state that the average penis is at least seven inches long. Generally speaking, the average penis is only five to six inches long, and most mature men fall comfortably into that category. When all is said and done, penis pumps do not really work and they are a waste of money. Penis pumps may provide pleasure to you while you are pumping your penis, but in this case, the benefits do not outweigh the associated risks.

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