Do Women Like Hairy Balls?

There comes a time in every sensible man's life when he looks down and asks himself, "do women like hairy balls?" Well brother, just as it is with most issues regarding what women like, the answer is of course different for different women. Don't get yourself down, because there's just no way that one man can please all of them. Instead, what you can do is understand the reality of what women are saying on the hot topic of hairy balls.

Shaved balls. Some women will tell you that shaved balls are unappealing, resembling a saggy turkey neck rather than testicles. On the other hand, some women are so repulsed by testicle hair that they wont even touch you until your junk is completely smooth. If you plan to shave your hairy balls, know that the natural contours of the testicle are difficult to pass a razor over-so be careful! Not that you'll castrate yourself, but even a little nick on the skin of your boys can be rather alarming. Also keep in mind that re-growing testicle hair is troublesome the first few times you shave, and it's best to plan on being itchy bfor the first few weeks.

Hairy balls. Most women seem to expect that the testicles will have at least some hair, so until you hear otherwise, it's best to just stay natural. On the other hand, if you look like Chewbacca from the waist down, there's nothing wrong with taking a beard trimmer to your boys. No woman is going to want to risk flossing with your pubes, and it's highly unlikely that you'd want to go through the pain of having your ball hair ripped out because it got caught in her teeth.

The bottom line. If you don't want to skin-shave your hairy balls to resemble that of a pre-pubescent boy, then it's advisable that you save yourself the trouble and stay more-or-less natural. Most women are accepting of this even if they prefer completely hair-less balls. Again, there are millions of women with millions of different opinions on the subject of hairy balls; the only way you could please all of them is by perhaps shaving one and letting the other grow.

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