Do Women Like Pubic Hair?

If you are dating you might have asked yourself; do women like pubic hair? There is nothing wrong with a little fuzz down in the pants. It can be warm and serve many purposes, but does it appeal to women? You won’t be able to get a straight answer from every woman about pubic hair. So let’s go through why it might be appealing to women.

For one, you will not look like a little boy if you have some hair down there. If you go shaved, you look like you are twelve years old again. Some women might be into the younger man look, but most women want an older gentleman. You just can’t pull off the older look if you are shaved.

It looks weird when you have facial hair and no fuzz in the pants. Women see your facial hair all the time and when it is time to take off the cloths she will see shaved. Not that it is a bad or good thing that you are shaved, it’s like looking at a puzzle with a piece missing. More often than not, if a woman is with a man that has facial hair she is probably fine with pubic hair.

In this area it is easy to answer do women like pubic hair. The armpit on a man should not go without hair. He looks more like a little boy than if his downstairs was shaved.  If a man has both armpits and the pubic area clear of all pubic hair then he better be a swimmer.

If you ask yourself if women like pubic hair, then you should ask if women like the natural man. If you are trying keep your masculinity, then keep your hair. Having pubic hair could show a woman that you’re not ashamed of your body. If you shave you could show a woman that you are self-conscious, but if you trim it shows her that you like to keep up on your body.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t keep your pubic hair except for appeal. If you do meet a woman that doesn’t like pubic hair, it’s easier to shave it off than to grow it back on. Remember that if you do have hair, keep it trimmed and clean, because you never know when a woman might want to look in your pants!

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