Dodgeball Team Names

Everyone remembers playing dodgeball as a kid with all of your crazy dodgeball team names. Dodgeball is a classic physical education game to play in class and has been played for years. Most colleges and schools even have extracurricular dodgeball teams today. As with most teams, there is always a need for that perfect team name. Let this list guide you on your quest for the perfect dodgeball name in your recreation.

  1. "Balls of Fury" Just like the movie, this name will be one of the most widely used ones out there. However if no one in your league has this name, it has to be chosen. After all there has to be one team with balls of fury.
  2. "Headshots"  No one likes getting out in dodgeball. So what could be worse than getting out? Getting nailed in the face by the ball. Scare your opponents into thinking they will be getting hit all day.
  3. "Snipers" Let your opponent know you have perfect aim and hit them all day long. This name will intimidate anyone who opposes you.
  4. "Dodge & Attack"  Just like the basics of the game, this name lets the other teams know you have the skills to win. Be sure to live up to the expectations of this great name.
  5. "The Ballers" As will any game that has the word ball in it, one team has to be able to "ball" better than the rest. Be that team when you show this name off.
  6. "Counterstrike"  It is always a good idea to counter strike when playing dodgeball. So with that knowledge, this name will let the other teams know you have what it takes to win.
  7. "Blazin"  Every team will fear the team who throws the hardest in dodgeball. Show the others who throws the hardest by using this name.
  8. "All Stars"  There will always be the best of e best in any sport. Be that team when you call yourself this team name.
  9. "Prodigy" Show everyone that you were born to play dodgeball when using this name. Others will bow to your greatness when they hear this name.
  10. "The Chosen Few" One of the coolest name out there. Show this one off with pride.
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