Does Dating Transsexuals Make Me Gay?

Does dating transsexuals make me gay? If you've got this burning question on your mind, read on. A transsexual is a person who has undergone a sex change operation, or one who identifies themselves as a member of the opposite sex. In recent years, becoming a transsexual has been more common as the idea of changing genders has become more accepted than in the past. And, just like people who aren't struggling with gender identity issues, transsexuals date and form romantic relationships too. 

So, if you date a transsexual individual, does that make you gay? Say you are a male, and you are dating a female that was at one point, also a male. Does that make you a homosexual? Although some may argue this point, the answer is no. Dating a transsexual does not mean you are gay. 

  1. Sexual Orientation and Transsexuals. In reality, transgenderism is in no way connected or related to sexual orientation. Transsexuals are nothing more than people who were born in the wrong type of body. A transsexual male may have been born with female anatomy at birth, but he has always felt and lived as a male his entire life.
  2. Transsexuals were always the sex they chose to be, whether they were born that way or not. Those who date transsexual individuals are able to see past the fact that their partners were born with different body parts than they should have been, and this does not make a person gay. Whether you are a woman dating a male who was born a man, or a woman dating a male who has been trapped in a woman's body most of his life, you are still dating a man. 
  3. Transsexuals and sex-change operations. Many transsexuals go through operations to change their anatomy, or to make them fully male or female. If you are dating someone with the genitals of the opposite sex, you are not gay, regardless of the fact that they were surgically placed there or not. 

Chances are, if you are an individual who is dating a transsexual, you do not care what society has to say about your choice of a romantic partner. Transsexuals are just like everyone else, just born a little differently. If you date one, rest assured, it does not make you gay. 

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