Does Erectile Dysfunction Affect How Your Orgasms Feel?

Does having erectile dysfunction affect how your orgasms feel? In order to determine this, we first have to define erectile dysfunction.  Erectile dysfunction covers a various range of difficulties—from a total inability to get an erection to an ability to get an erection but not maintain it long enough for sexual intercourse. Impotence also covers a lack of ability to have an orgasm or to ejaculate.  Impotence can also mean a lack of sexual desire, and not just an inability to become erect.

Orgasms can feel normal.  Because erectile dysfunction covers many conditions from not being able to become erect to not being able to stay erect long enough to finish the act, if you are able to have an orgasm, it should feel normal.

Orgasms may be more intense.  If you have erectile dysfunction, it may be that you have not been able to obtain an erection and have sexual intercourse to the point of having an orgasm in a while.  If this is the case, your orgasm may be more intense than normal because you haven't ejaculated in quite some time.

Orgasms may not be as easy. If you have erectile dysfunction or are taking any kind of a number of medications that make it difficult to have an orgasm, you may have a struggle in order to be able to orgasm or ejaculate at all.  Talk to your doctor if this is a problem for you.

Erectile dysfunction can affect how orgasms feel. Erectile dysfunction and impotence are words used to describe many different difficulties at levels that can vary dramatically. If you can't achieve an erection, you likely won't be able to have an orgasm.  If you haven't been able to complete the sexual act in some time, your orgasm may be more powerful than is usual. Also, if you are taking any medication such as anti-depressants that make orgasm difficult, you may have trouble getting to the point of ejaculation.



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