Does Extenze Really Work

If you're like many men, you may be wondering if Extenze really works. Extenze is a male enhancement pill that makes the claim of being able to increase penis size. Extenze is a blend of herbs and medical grade substances that work as a blood flow stimulator to perform a variety of functions.

What Extenze claims to do:

  • Erections. Extenze claims to make an erection last longer, claims that users can obtain erections more frequently. These are simply their claims and individual results always vary. They also claim to make the erections last longer, which increases performance for everyone involved.
  • Enlarge. Extenze claims to enlarge the penis by increasing the blood flow, which stretches the chambers in the penis to create more girth and length. Does Extenze really work to increase penis size? According to their site, it does, but this article will also focus on organic user results.

Since individual results can vary from person to person, this article focuses on what others have said about Extenze as well. Most review claims Extenze does not work and there are better products out there. Those that do think Extenze works may be under the placebo effect where you think something is working and that helps show results. Positive thinking helped, not the pill. This isn't to say that you won't get any results from the pill because some users may notice their blood flow increasing and that can help with getting and maintaining erections. However, the majority of results from real users claim the answer to "Does Extenze really work?" as a resounding no.

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