Does It Hurt To Lose Your Virginity

As girls embrace their sexuality and explore all the different experiences that come with a sexual experience, one question that rings in many your girls minds is “Does it hurt to lose your virginity?” The simple answer is it depends on the girl, but most likely yes.

The vagina is made of muscles and skin, and tight by nature. It’s also a small hole, so inserting a larger object is bound to causing some stretching and tearing, which might cause some discomfort. Some women also bleed the first time they have sex. The bleeding is nothing to be worried about. It’s caused by the hymen tearing. The hymen is a small piece of thin skin covering the vagina, and although many women break their hymen with sex it can also be broken by riding horses or playing sports.

An untouched vagina will hurt more than a woman who has stretched out her vagina a little bit. This can be done by being fingered, exploring the area with your own fingers, or simply using a tampon. These small acts can help prepare your vagina before the act of intercourse.

Another thing that will help decrease the pain is making sure you are emotionally ready. If you are not emotionally ready, your vaginal muscles might involuntary clench up. Its an uncontrollable measure a woman’s body goes into in order to protect herself. If there is not a connection of some sort between the woman and man, it may be more difficult to proceed with the act.

Before the moment comes, engage in foreplay to gear the body up. Take your time, be romantic. Take time to kiss, massage, hug and gear up the body. Get the senses going to make the body more receptive. At this point the woman should be starting to get wet in her vagina, which will make the act of sex easier. Lubrication can also help, especially if the woman is having trouble producing her own wetness. Nerves can make it difficult for her to do it on her own, so using a product can make the transition easier for both parties.

When the time comes, take a deep breath and don’t rush it. Enjoy the moment, and know the pain will lessen with each time you engage in sex. And most importantly, always use a condom!

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