Does Penis Size Matter?

You do know that only men ask the question “does penis size matter,” right? Why? Because they’re the ones it matters too. On a commonsense level, if we ask the age-old question of penis size, then yes it does matter. But the good news is that it depends on each partner. Let ask this question—does the size of a women’s vagina count?  Um… yes it does. That’s what makes having sex with someone you’re really into, for the first time so daunting. Are you going to be a good fit for each other?

Don’t be mistaken; it really isn’t just about penis size or being a good fit sexually, what really matters the most, is how you use it. Actually, it is the way you use everything—your hands, tongue, charisma etc. It all matters!

Penis size usually has nothing, or very little to do with the pleasure you provide your partner. Again, it really comes down to your performance. If you can arouse your partner, and they orgasm, and then you orgasm (notice how I placed the woman/partner orgasm first?) If you have looked after your partner’s sexual needs then your penis size has little or no relevance. It does however, if you are selfish in bed and do little or nothing to pleasure you partner, then…. then your penis size counts.

It really doesn’t matter how small or large your penis is, if you don’t know how to use it to the best of your capacity. Any size penis can prematurely ejaculate or be impotent and even then, there are ways of working through it and making the most of what you’ve got.

The bottom line here guys, is if you work on knowing what and how to please your partner sexually, very little else matters.  



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