Does Semen Smell Bad When There Are Prostate Problems?

If you're a man with a family history in prostate problems who suddenly has semen that smells differently than it did before, you may be asking yourself, "does semen smell bad when there are prostate problems?"  Although you may ask yourself that and then later tell yourself you're being silly, you're actually not.  Changes in smell, as well as appearance and taste, could signify a problem or infection.

Does semen smell bad when there are prostate problems? Let's just get to the answer. Yes.  A prostate infection, for example, can cause for the semen to have a very foul-smelling odor.  This odor may be similar to the smell of pus that comes from an infected wound.  Foul smelling semen may also be the sign of another type of infection.  If your semen smells like this, see a doctor immediately.

What should semen look and smell like? Semen is generally a white shade that is opalescent.  Within minutes after ejaculation, it becomes runny.  All semen smells at least somewhat, but the odor usually resembles chlorine.  Semen also has a certain taste.  Though the smell and taste can be vaguely affected by diet, different parts of semen has different tastes.  This isn't something that people tend to notice.  Differences in smell and taste of semen also vary month to month and person to person.  Small changes in smell, taste and color usually aren't cause for alarm.  If you do think that there is blood in your semen, this could be from a broken blood vessel due to the force of ejaculation.  If this happens, the blood will usually subside after a few days.  If your semen continues to look red or brown, this may be another sign of an infection of the prostate or seminal vesicle.  

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