Dominican Republic Sex Resorts

The best Dominican Republic sex resorts are those sweet, kinky and all-around awesome places where you can just let your manhood hang out loud and proud. Without any judgments made and no annoying feminism to get in the way of your right to your lustful and male-specific desires, these sex resorts in the Dominican Republic are just what you need to feel like all guys should feel: thinking primarily with your sex drives to confirm your power over women.

  1. Dr. Nights. Dr. Nights can be found in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The reason that it takes the number one spot on this countdown of Dominican Republic sex resorts is due to it being the most upscale sex resort in not just the Dominican Republic, but all of the Caribbean. Immediately when you arrive at this lecherous resort of sexed-up goodness, you will be treated like a demi-god straight out of Greek myth when this resort sends two of its most erotic-looking honeys to actually pick you up and take you to the resort. Once in this Dominican Republic sex resort’s reception area, they will actually line up 15 to 30 sexy foxes in front of you. You get to pick the one you want and give you a lap dance right there.
  2. Charlie’s Angels Sex Resort. If you want to find and have some impersonal, quickie sexual encounters with what the resort calls the most beautiful women in the entire world, then get your manhood over to this Dominican Republic sex resort. This sex resort guarantees, for a price, of course, that you will spend your days in this Dominican Republic version of a red-light district feasting on erotic escorts, gourmet food and drink, and enjoying the unmatched weather on this property that also includes a private beach and pool.
  3. Blackbeard’s Adult Resort. Rounding out this arousing and kinky countdown of the Dominican Republic’s best sex resorts is Blackbeard’s, a place just begging you to enter its wide-open hospitality with wild abandon. Sitting in the beachside gated town of Costambar, Blackbeard’s Adult Resort features all kinds of kinky pleasures to make your eagerly anticipating toes curl up in just the kinds of aggressively orgasmic delights that you have been waiting for as a means of pure stress release and gratification. Whether it is getting a “massage” (wink, wink) in this sex resort’s private massage room or just walking around this sex resort, hoping to just find a random sex partner with whom you can get it on at the drop of a hat, Blackbeard’s will give it to you harder than ever before.
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