Doom 3 Cubed Mod

Wondering about the Doom 3 cubed mod? The mod is does everything the real Doom player wants. It makes the monsters stronger and more realistic while also helping to make their skin coloring look better. The monsters lose their grayish tone and take on much more suiting colors. It also changes the production of smoke from the game. Instead of the extreme billowing smoke from the guns it makes it more realistic with smoke that seems fitting for the gun. It makes all the guns have larger capacity. This is something that is very necessary because the mod also gives more health to all of the creatures. They make the health more appropriate to the situations that you find yourself in fighting them. So another great positive of the Doom 3 cubed mod is along with all this other stuff it makes the guns damage more reasonable. Guns that do too little get more strength and those that do too much get toned down. Do not be mad just yet because keep in mind the guns have the larger bullet capacity. Below is a guide to downloading it and enabling it on your computer.

  1. Search engine. Search Doom 3 Cubed mod. Find results that seem fitting. The first one or a few after would be safe destinations to download the mod.
  2. Find the place on the website where the download is embedded. This should be at the top. Sometimes though it is laying all the way at the end of the page.
  3. Download it. Make sure to place it in a place on your computer where you will remember where it is.
  4. Install it onto your computer. Play game with cubed mod.  Enjoy new and improved game play.
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