Doom 3 Resurrection Of Evil Cheats

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil cheats are great ways to get an edge on your opponents during a session of play on this classic console first person shooter. Some gamers claim that cheats are unfair and just cowardly for other players to use. However, they usually only say such things when they are on the receiving end on a cheat. Though these cheats do not have to be used in player versus player, they can also be used to give players an edge on the single player mode as well.

During a game, press and hold Control, Alt, and [Tilde] To bring up the command bar. In this bar, you may type in any one of the following cheats to receive the corresponding effect.

  1. God- This puts the player into god mode in which players are impervious to damage from other players.
  2. Give All- This gives players all of the weapons in the game to toggle through as well as full health and ammunition.
  3. Noclip- This cheat allows players to freely pass through solid objects and walls.
  4. Freeze- This cheat freezes all other players on the screen except for the person that inserts the code.
  5. Notarget- This cheat makes the player completely invisible to all other players on the screen.
  6. Killmonsters- This cheat will eliminate all of the monsters that are on the game at that time.
  7. Gotohell- This cheat will automatically win the game that the player is currently on.
  8. Pomber- This cheat will give the player unlimited ammo for the duration of the game.

These cheats are easily the most useful cheats in the game. Though they may take away some of the difficulty of the game, they add so much more fun to it. 

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