Doom 3 Sentry Mod

If you want to learn how to get the “Doom 3” Sentry mod then read on. Mod or modification and sometimes referred to as patches are available in numerous locations. The “Doom 3” Sentry mod is UAC Sentry Robot modification that will cause the UAC Sentry to follow the player around and assist. In the same mode as Co-op play except the Sentry won’t go off on their own or try and play Universal Soldier and get themselves killed. These modifications are meant to enhance play or correct bugs in the system. The Sentry mod is a in game enhancement for better playability.

  1. “Doom 3” mods can be found at various places. Such places as FilePlanet, CNet and Id Software carry patches and game mods on their servers. Id is of course the manufacture of “Doom” and offer group patches but some of the game mods are not available there. This is not to say that they are bad, just that the manufacturer has not done the program. So, find your favorite and trusted location for the Sentry mod to download.
  2. All the “Doom 3” mods download the same. They are initiated at the site by clicking on the “download” button or going to a mirror site and doing the same. Depending on the size of the mod it may come as a .zip. You will need a program to ‘unzip’ files. Once the file or program is on your desktop, initialize it. This is done by double-clicking the .exe icon.
  3. The mod will do the rest. Simply follow the directions and sit back. Once complete the modification will be already active on your system and useable when you fire up “Doom 3.” In rare circumstances you may need to follow in game directions (activate the mod) to complete the installation.
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