Double Action Revolvers

When it comes to hand guns of any kind, the first choice is always taken up by double action revolvers. Tagged commonly as the typical police revolvers that fire when a slight pressure is put up in the trigger hand, these kinds of revolvers are highly popular when it comes to private defense.

  1. Smith & Wesson Model 29. These double action revolvers were brought into prominence by none other than Clint Eastwood in his ‘Dirty Harry’ series after which sales of the 6-shot, .44 Magnum Cartridge revolver shot up skywards with every boy wanting to own one. Years later, this beauty still remains a prized possession among the elite. Having tremendous shooting power and stylish appeal that draw jealous glances whenever it's brought out, you'll be able to protect your home and look good while you're doing it.
  1. Ruger JP 100 is made for those who want comfort along with extraordinary shooting ability. Built with and exterior that has a cushioned handle with an extra comfortable grip, this gun is for clientele who need a gun to flaunt rather than actually put it into use. But, for those looking into the dynamics of the product, it has .357 Magnum cartridges with unlimited firing range, making it a formidable weapon.
  1. Smith & Wesson Model 686. For a company that specializes in building assault rifles and weaponry, this double action revolver is ahead of its technology. With a Satin stainless steel finish and a 7 round capacity and a caliber of .35 Magnum, this armament is a purchase worth splurging on. What makes it brutally lethal is the fact that these guns are designed to give you the most number of accurate hits with the least misses.
  1. The Colt Python. Sometimes christened as the Combat Magnum, the Colt Python is another double action revolver known for its panache, power and exorbitant pricing. The one factor that distinguishes the Python from other handguns is that, due to the cylinders being coiled like a python, you get an extra tight lock up and a safe finish leading to unique firing capabilities. Like a python, the Colt is also a dreaded weapon.
  1. Smith & Wesson Model 327. Out of all the beautiful models that roll out of the Smith & Wesson stable, what sets this double action revolver apart is the fact that it has no muzzle breaks or porting system that is characteristic of all other handguns. Thr gripping of the revolver is of added importance because it's made of rosewood in pure exotic style providing power with comfort.
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