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Learning to download Skype for Mac and then use it is a simple process. Skype is excellent for making internet calls, including video chatting. Skype is generally free although a Skype Premium package is offered if you want more features such as group chats and a discount on High Definition video chats. Installing Skype on your Mac means you can either instant message or make video calls to your friends halfway around the world for free once they are also online on Skype. You can also use Skype to call a landline or mobile number without having to spend your life’s savings on an international call.

To download Skype, you will need:

  • A Mac computer (desktop or laptop) that fits Skype’s system requirements
  • A headset with a microphone if your Mac does not have a built-in microphone
  • An external video camera if your Mac has no built-in camera
  • Access to the internet via broadband or Wi-Fi
  1. Visit the Skype website. The Skype website has a “Get Skype” tab on top. Drag your Mac’s pointer on it to select your computer platform, which is a “Mac.” This is the first step to download Skype.
  2. Download Skype. Click the “Download Skype” button that appears on the page. Click the “Save File” window that appears. The software will automatically download on your Mac’s “Download” folder that, by default, is on your “General” folder. This is your administration folder and is based on the name you chose when you registered your Mac.
  3. Install Skype. It only takes a few minutes for Skype to download. Once it is done, simply go to your “Download” folder and a “Skype.dmg” icon will be there. Double click the icon to open the file so you can download Skype.
  4. Save Skype into your Applications folder. Once the “.dmg” file is opened, an image of a blue Skype logo (a blue “S”) with an arrow pointing to a blue folder appears. Simply drag the Skype icon into the folder, which is actually your Mac’s Applications folder.
  5. Register your account. The installation is done when a window saying “Finish” appears.” You can then go to your “Applications” folder again and click the Skype application to open the software. You must then register a username and password for you to start using Skype.

To download Skype is simple, installing is even simpler and using it is a no brainer. Current Mac computers are also designed so that it detects if your computer is compatible with the application you are about to download. Skype is an excellent way to make internet calls and keep in touch with friends and family, or to even utilize for business. Video call and instant messaging are free, and international phone calls cost only a few cents per minute, definitely cheaper than using your landline or even a phonecard.

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