Dragonfly Tattoos Designs

Dragonfly tattoo designs are a popular choice because they are available in a ton of sizes and designs. The colors can be changed and customized to make the perfect dragonfly tattoo for you. Dragonfly tattoos are a whimsical choice for a tattoo design. Dragonfly tattoos are more of a design that women choose over men since they are more whimsical and dainty. However, there are dragonfly choices available for men.

  1. A single dragonfly tattoo is a choice often made by those who want to be discrete about their tattoo choices. A small dragonfly tattoo design can be easily hidden under clothing when necessary.

  2. A dragonfly tattoo can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. Black and various shades of gray are popular as well as vivid coloring. The combinations are endless when it comes to designing a dragonfly tattoo. The dragonfly can look lifelike or even cartoon-like depending on your choice of tattoo designs.

  3. As a part of a vin,e a dragonfly tattoo can be added as a creative touch to the design. The dragonfly could easily be sitting on a flower or just flying past to add character to a flowering vine design.

  4. Dragonfly tattoos can be added to a streak of hearts or stars to add a more color to the area. The dragonfly will appear to be flying through the area with stars and hearts on either side. It can also look as though the dragonfly is flying over top of the hearts and stars with pieces of them sticking out from underneath of the dragonfly.   

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