Drake Album Song List

This is Drake's album song list for "Thank Me Later," his debut album released in 2010. Drake does a fantastic job of holding down double duties: rapping and singing. With a pleasant mix of melodically rich music and witty wordplay in abundance, Drake's "Thank Me Later" is full of surprises.

  1. "Fireworks" (featuring Alicia Keys) Celebration is in air when Alicia Keys enjoys the bright light display with Drake. Explosive appreciation for happiness is always a worthwhile subject to start an infectious hip-hop album.
  2. "Karaoke" Drake gracefully sings about the desire to achieve his goals of musical success while in a relationship. When his rhyme enters the picture, he pours his heart out about a special woman who left to pursue her own life outside of the fame surrounding him.
  3. "The Resistance" This painful story of losing friends to the pursuit of happiness shows a completely humble and relatable side to Drake. His message is clear—time is not something we can split evenly with those we love.
  4. "Over" Drake gives his audience an insider seat at the table of fame that he has been experiencing. With a whirlwind of people, places and things that are startling to him, he still handles the pressure.
  5. "Show Me A Good Time" With a jazzy piano and aggressive drums, Drake directs his desire for relaxation to the ladies. He also weaves in some remarks about how it feels to be a underground hip-hop artist who loves the art form and have people criticize you for becoming wealthy.
  6. "Up All Night" (featuring Nicki Minaj) Drake goes for the gusto, flying past those that doubt him,with his co-pilot Nicki Minaj. He proclaims his loyalty to his team members and could care less about anyone who hates them.
  7. "Fancy" (featuring T.I. & Swizz Beatz) The gorgeous girls and classy women of the world get a special Drake dedication. Swizz Beatz and T.I. join in to help hold the fancy females up on their proper pedestal.
  8. "Shut It Down" (featuring The Dream) Drake slows things down to a mellow and easy pace with this love song. It is all about making the world come to a stand-still with nothing but charisma and style.
  9. "Unforgettable" (featuring Young Jeezy) The single life gets a salute in the form of revenge against ex-girlfriends. Success stings those that burnt that bridge with Drake in this song, making him hard to forget.
  10. "Light Up" (featuring Jay-Z) Drake's work ethic and desire to overcome any obstacles and adversity are his focus. Jay-Z hops in and provides Drake with some insight to the pitfalls and advantages of prosperity.
  11. "Miss Me" (featuring Lil Wayne) Lil Wayne and Drake trade vivid verses about the many reasons why they should be missed when they are not around. You will find a free-for-all of quotable lines that will get immediate reactions if you have a sense of humor.
  12. "Cece's Interlude" An electric guitar and sizzling synthesizers send this hypnotic hymn about heartbreak into orbit. Drake shows a desire to rekindle a lost love that has not left his heart completely.
  13. "Find Your Love" This is where R&B and Dancehall music merge. Drake goes on a sonic journey to reclaim love with determination for victorious results.
  14.  "Thank Me Now" For the sake of confidence and decadence, Drake encourages those that love his music to show appreciation. It has the right amount of steady swagger to provide the proper conclusion to the album. So thank him now instead of later.   
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