Drake Lyrics About Women

Drake lyrics about women show how intelligent of a lyricist he is. He is a rapper who is very relatable to his audience because he does not discriminate from any listener. His lyrics are use intelligently with his beats and at times he gives a very melodic hook that allows for easy listening.  Here is an overview of the best Drake lyrics about women.

  1. “You know a lot of girls be thinkin’ my songs are about them. This is not to get confused, this ones for you.” This song is from Drake’s hit “Best I Ever Had”. It is rare to find a poetic love song this direct in hip hop. Drake does a great job of romanticizing his relationship and making the girl he is writing about know how much he cares. On the other side of the coin a girl listening to the song can interpret the you as being directly at them which makes it a great selling point for his single.
  2. “But live girl, have some fun girl we’ll be fine. Trying to convince myself I found one.” This is from Drake’s song “Fall for you Type”. It is a song for falling for a girl that is a cookie cutter of all the ones you have been hurt by in the past. Drake keeps his thoughts fresh and gives a new spin to a topic t hat has been discussed before. Drake’s inventiveness with a topic like this is what keeps him in the limelight.
  3. “My ex sending late night text cause she don’t know how to let go go go.” This is a line from Drake’s song “Lust for Life”. The song talks about he is just being true to himself and enjoying everything along the way as he matures and goes through the different bumps in the road. This line is intriguing because of the “go go go” he is able to transform this using his voice keeping his listeners thinking about his statement about his ex girlfriend.
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