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Drake songs often reflect his own personal life, and the rapper never seems to shy away from any topic. Even though Drake has been releasing music since 2006, it was not until 2010 that he released a studio album. His popularity grew long before his debut album was released, partly due to collaborations with popular artists, and his association with Young Money. These Drake songs are a mixture of tracks from his mixtapes, and debut studio album.

  1. "Best I Ever Had" by Drake. This Drake song was the first single off his 2009 mixtape "So Far Gone." It reached #2 on Hot 100 Billboard chart, and went on to be number one on the on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. The song allegedly illegally sampled "Fallin' In Love" by Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds, which led to a lawsuit. In 2010 this Drake song won Top Rap Song at the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers – Rhythm & Soul Music Awards.
  2. "Over" by Drake. Drake's first song released from his debut album "Thank Me Later" was "Over." Drake wrote the lyrics about where he was in his career at the time. The lyrics revolve around what he thinks about fame, and all of the people who start coming around once he gained musical stardom. This Drake song was released in 2010 and reached number fourteen on Billboard Hot 100.
  3. "I Get Lonely Too" by Drake. This Drake song is from the 2010 R&B mixtape "It's Never Enough." Produced by Noah "40" Shebib, this Drake song is musically slower, and vocally more soulful than his other hip-hop songs. The lyrics revolve around how being a single musician gets lonely, and how Drake gets jealous over friends with great relationships. This Drake song samples TLC's 1999 song "Fanmail."
  4. "Thank Me Now" by Drake. In 2010 Drake released his debut album "Thank Me Later," which is a line from the song "Thank Me Now." Lyrically, it is a happy song, that talk about how he has a great crew. He shows proudness through the lyrics, but some may take them as being arrogant since Drake raps about how him, and the people he associates with are riding high in the music industry. This Drake song was never released as a single, and is the last track on his debut album.
  5. "Fireworks" by Drake. The opening song from Drake's 2010 debut album "Thank Me Later" is "Fireworks." The songs opening verse was written about where Drake is in his life. The lyrics are autobiographical and touch on his relationship with Lil Wayne, briefly dating Rihanna, and family issues. He wanted the track to convey honesty, and to set the tone for the album. R&B singer Alicia Key's sings the hook to this Drake song.
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