Drake’s 5 Favorite Rappers

Have you ever wanted to know who Drake’s 5 favorite rappers are? Thanks to Made Manual, you get to find out who inspires and entertains Drake! Of course, Drake has a mysterious and rhythmical flow that’s enough to get anyone out of their seats and bobbing their heads, but where does he get the inspiration for his hit music? Who does he look up to?!

  1. Of course, it seems silly to start this list with Lil’ Wayne, but he is definitely one of Drake’s favorite rappers. At the Hot 97 Summer Jam in New York in June of 2010, Drake referred to Lil’ Wayne as the greatest rapper alive by asking fans, “How many of y’all miss the greatest rapper alive right now?” He also mentioned that he talked daily to Lil’ Wayne who was incarcerated at the time. Drake even thanks Lil’ Wayne in writing in his album! An excerpt reads, “You are my idol, my mentor, and my friend. I am by your side forever.”
  2. Drake built a shrine to Andre 3000 in his apartment! Yes, Drake admits that as soon as you walk through the front door of his apartment, the first thing that you lay eyes on is an immense barn door plastered with verses from Andre’s music.
  3. Drake has been known to note that Phonte of “Little Brother” is one of the greatest rappers. It’s likely that you’ve heard it in a song, but just recently, Drake stated in an interview that Phonte is one of best rappers of all time in his opinion. Drake immediately told an interviewer this after being handed a vinyl record of “Little Brother’s.”
  4. In an interview with Complex magazine, Drake reveals that Young Jeezy is yet another one of his favorite hip hop rappers. Not only does Drake even love Young Jeezy’s music, Jeezy is even a fan of Drake’s music. Young Jeezy co-signed to make music with Drake, and now they’ve already come out with a few hits including “Lose My Mind” and “Unforgettable.”
  5. Drake even claimed that J. Cole from Fayettville is one of his current favorite rappers. This may come as a surprise to some because J. Cole has been thought to be competition to Drake by many. However, this is not true in the least as Drake has stated that Cole is one of his most his most favored rappers!
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