Dreadlock Styles

If you are getting tires of the same old look, try these dreadlock styles to mix up your hairstyle. Once you have your dreadlocks grown out, you can do all kinds of things with them. It is also fun to find things to put in your dreadlocks as you style them. You can use anything you want or find around your house like bands, beads or even twigs.

  1. Beehive dreadlocks. This is a retro look with dreads, but it is not very good for your hair. You need to lock up the curls into swirls on top of your head to make it look like a beehive and use pins and hairspray to get it to stay there.
  2. Rasta dreads. The rasta dreadlock styles use very thin braids all over the head. You also need to let them hang if you want the rasta look.
  3. The knot roll. You can make this dreadlock style by dividing your dreads into two sections and tying them into a knot at the back of your head. Take the dreads from the back of your neck and around your ears and tuck them around and behind the knot to form a roll.
  4. Super knotty dreads. Take two of your dreads and tie them in a knot right at the base of your head. Keep tying knots until you reach the end and you can't tie any more. Keep repeating this until you have knotted all your dreads.
  5. The dreadhawk. A combination of dreadlocks and a mowhawk, the dreadhawk is one of the dreadlock styles that should only be done on dreads that are older. Work to get your dreads into the mowhawk. If your dreads are new they could damage and break.
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