Dress Up Games For Adults Only

Dress up games for adults only can add a little bit of novelty to your sex life. Everyone likes a bit of variety now and then. Adding some sexy and unusual attire not only gives you and your partner a bit of eye candy, it allows you to add some hot fantasy to your bedroom play. Stumped for ideas? Check out our favorite dress up games for adults only:

  1. Cop & gun moll. Does your lady like a guy in uniform? How would you like to see her dressed in skintight pin-up gear and retro fishnets? This dress up game can add some very adult naughtiness to your sex life.
  2. Nurse and patient. She can be your very own naughty nurse in white pantyhose, a cute white cap and a tiny, white dress. You can take a turn playing dress up as the nurse, too, and give her a sexy sponge bath.
  3. Han and Leia. What guy didn't grow up fantasizing about the way Leia looked in her slave attire? Wondering what to wear for this adult dress up game: Han's famous costume and Leia's metal bikini, of course.
  4. Sexy spies. Both of you dress to the nines, then meet somewhere in public to exchange secret information. Your attire should be as polished as James Bond. Your lady can dress up as one of the stunning Bond girls.
  5. Professor and student. She can be your strict instructor dressed in a severe suit and glasses with her hair up tight in a bun for this sexy dress up game. You can play her corruptible student. Just how far will you go to get that A?
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