Dress Up Games For People Who Love Fashion

Do you love fashion, and would like to know what the best dress up games for people who love fashion are? You've come to the right place! There are so many games for people who love dressing up and experimenting with fashion, but we've narrowed down the list to the best and most entertaining games. Can't wait to get started and get dressed up? Continue reading. 

  1. Runway show. Yes, even adults can engage in a fun runway show during a party, or maybe just a drunken night. Make sure you appoint a few judges to rate each player on style and execution, and then let the games begin! Get creative and find the best outfits and looks you can come up with, and strut your stuff down that runway. This does not necessarily need to be focused on trendy or hip clothing, as you can also make it a goofy runway show. 
  2. Costume contest. It does not need to be Halloween for you to engage in a super fun and wildly entertaining costume contest. Just gather a bunch of people and have everyone dress up in the best costume they can come up with. Later, a judge will decide who wins the contest, and will award the winner with something special. 
  3. Guess that profession. This game involves the players dressing up as a person of a certain career or profession, and having the other players try to guess the profession based on solely the outfit. You can really get creative with this one, as there are so many careers to choose from. Doctor, rock star, lifeguard, stay at home mom….the possibilities are endless. 
  4. Fashion makeover. Ever wanted to desperately give one of your friends a makeover? Well this game is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Everyone will be assigned a person to makeover, and will dress them however they please. After you have given someone else a makeover, the roles will switch and someone else will make you over. Sounds fun, huh?
  5. Role switching. In this entertaining dress up game, you and another player will switch outfits. It may be more fun to switch with a player who is of the opposite sex or completely different in style than you are. You must switch out everything, but don't worry about switching underwear! That's a little too extreme. 
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