Dress Like Kanye West

You'll need more than shutter shades to dress like Kanye West. To be like Kanye West is a great honor; the man is a multi-platinum artist and has won more awards than we can mention. One cannot, in essence, assume to be like Kanye West just while dressing up in 80's fashion. When you dress like Kanye West, you also have to put up an image that goes along with the act.

You have to have the following in order to dress like Kanye West:

  • A stylish watch (West wears a Rolex, usually, but you don't have to)
  • Shutter shades
  • Slick, polished shoes
  • Oversized 1980's glasses
  • A colorful vest
  • A polo (any color is good, but West prefers grays)
  • A tight, well fitted suit
  1. Read up on West. It's one thing to dress like Kanye West, and it's another to understand who he is. West likes to take fashion cues from the bold, colorful, bulky 80's fashion scene. Kanye also is not a stranger to different time periods in history, such as the roots of Hip-hop and the soul genre of music. His bright, boisterous fashion sense is also imposed on his music, which gives it a personable feeling.
  2. Try on a tight, well fitted suit. Along with that, wear a polo underneath that compliments the color (orange/white, gray/black, etc.). Kanye loves suits, and is often seen wearing a modern fit with an unbuttoned polo underneath. He is also no stranger to rolling up his sleeves when hot.
  3. Strap on a bold, big watch. Lots of people want to be like Kanye West, but few understand his love for watches. His timepieces are pricey, albeit gorgeous and strapping. Don't underestimate the power of a good-looking Rolex.
  4. Don the famous shutter shades. If not, get some futuristic, large luxury glasses (Oakley will do) that compliment your outgoing look. The Grammy award winning artist's shutter shades have made him famous, and it is a signature piece that is required to be like Kanye West.
  5. Put your feet in some nice sneakers. West alters between fashionable, slick dress shoes and boisterous sneakers. Either way, you will have another key piece of style like Kanye West.
  6. Tie it all off with your multi-colored vest. Well, it doesn't have to be multi-colored, but a bright, luminescent vest always compliments the Kanye West look. You want to look like Kanye West? Then wear that signature, modern, neon-green vest your mother bought for you last Christmas (we knew it would come in handy).

Kanye West is more than just a few pieces of clothing, he's a fashion icon. His worldwide influence is often benignly turned into help for those underrepresented in society (i.e. The Kanye West Foundation helps high school drop-outs get back in school). So when you dress like Kanye West, remember that there is more to his character than meets the eye.

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