Dress Like A Model

Choosing to dress like a model introduces the discerning male to one of the five qualities that make up the quintessential Renaissance man: being well-dressed. While certain elements in society delight in displaying boxer shorts underneath sagging pants, the Renaissance man knows that this is neither conducive to a good professional outlook nor likely to attract a quality mate.

Of course, learning to dress like a model takes a bit of work and might introduce the average man to fashion combinations he previously never considered. With the payoff of being noticed within his grasp, can he really opt out? The short answer is a resounding ‘no.’ So how does he go about stocking his wardrobe to dress like a model?

  1. Hit the gym and get toned. Clothes fit better on a well-built body. Even though it is not necessary to have six-pack abs, it is not possible to dress like a model with a big bulge in the midsection and a shoulder slump.
  2. Opt for a style. Whether the man would like to take on the dress and mannerisms of a metro-sexual or instead opt for the ruggedness of an outdoors-man, each style choice presents varying material-, accessory- and fashion options.
  3. Go for quality, not quantity. It is unheard of for models to dress in cheap garments that fall apart as soon as they leave the store. While treks to the second-hand store can yield amazing finds, discount clothing stores should be off-limits. Whenever possible, the male intending to dress like a model should opt for designer label clothes.
  4. Beware the lure of gender polarization. Female models frequently opt for clothing accessories that borrow from the male side of the rack. Advertisers know that naughty depictions of female models involve a traditionally male element, such as a boy’s locker room. Male fashion models do not make this cross-over, in part because it negates the very essence of their masculinity.

It is apparent that learning how to dress like a model is synonymous with paying close attention to one’s bearing and attitude. Frequently it is not even the kinds of clothes the fashion-conscious male wishes to wear but so much more the attitude he conveys.

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