Dress Like A Skater

For the young man who is ready to impress the ladies, learning to dress like a skater is a surefire way to get attention. In addition to oozing that “dangerous male” attitude, it also helps acclimate a new student or class transfer into the already existing pecking order of the boys’ locker room.

The secondary aspect of spending time and nailing down how to dress like a skater prevents the newcomer from being fingered as a poser, which more or less spell the death of his social life and respect. So what are the must-have duds and dos?

  1. Beef up on the surfing slang. Learning to dress like a skater begins with an attitude adjustment. Seeing that skating finds its roots in surfing, there are still quite a few terms that remain the same. Of course, with the growth of the skating subculture, the use of specialized terminology also emerged, but a good grasp of surfing lingo is an excellent start.
  2. Pay as much attention to the graphic design of the deck as to the clothes. Deck design is a calling card among skaters and the more intricate the art, the more respect the skater receives.
  3. Buy baggy pants, boxer shorts and loose fitting Tshirts. Walking in baggy pants may take a little getting used to, so practice the swagger at home before hitting the streets.
  4. Accessorize with sneakers, hoodies and hats. Remember that advertising on the gear is out, while anyone who wants to dress like a skater can make an exception for clothing line-specific adverts–as long as they are hip.

Keep in mind that for a young man, it is a sign of class to dress like a skater. He comes across as dangerous, rebellious and fashionable. For a grown man to dress like a skater is pathetic. Learn where your tipping point is and make sure to move from skater to Renaissance man at the appropriate time (usually during the college years).

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