Dress Like Zac Efron

Knowing how to dress like Zac Efron can put you fashion-forward of your friends and peers. The teen heart throb has grown into a Hollywood A-lister, making the covers of tabloids and celebrity gossip exploits around the world. As he's grown-up, he's grown on an older audience. As he's age, his relaxed dressing has tightened up. Gone are the big necked tees he made so popular replaced by a higher class look.

To dress like Zac Efron you will need:

  • Suit
  • Tie
  • Checked Shirt
  • Cool shaggy haircut
  1. Grooming first. Before you put on the clothes, you have to get the grooming down. To dress like Zac Efron, comb your hair loosely to the side. It helps if your hair is slightly longer on the top than on the sides. Let the 5 o'clock shadow grow out a bit into an almost scruffy look, but remove any hair from the neck.
  2. Choose a fitted suit. When looking to dress like Zac Efron, select a dark blue or gray fitted suit. The non-traditional suit is an updated version of what your dad used to wear to the office. The material should be flat in color, without shine or many extras such as decorative buttons.
  3. Pick a checked shirt. On the trip to to dress like Zac Efron, you need a checked shirt to match your suit. Small or medium size checks on the shirt is preferred. Pick a shirt in two shades of the same color such as a light blue background with a dark blue check.
  4. Put on the tie. The final step in the quest to to dress like Zac Efron is the tie. Match a thin, textured tie to your suit and shirt. This gives a blended, but upscale casual/dress appearance that the young actor prefers.



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