Drew Barrymore Drug Addiction

Drew Barrymore's drug addiction came extremely early in her life. Her father John Drew Barrymore and grandfather John Barrymore were both very aware of her addictions. As fast as stardom came to this young girl, so did addiction and drug abuse.

Barrymore admits to have taken her first drink at the age of nine, her first marijuana cigarette at age ten and did cocaine at the very early age of twelve. By the time Drew was thirteen, she had already been through two bouts of drug rehabilitation. Acting and addiction seemed to be genetic. Her grandfather John Barrymore, a star of stage and acreen in the 1920s and 30s drank himself to death at the age of 60.

In her 1957 bestseller, her aunt Diana Barrymore told of her love of booze and drugs. The bestseller "Too much, Too soon", tells of her aunts battle with these issues in her life. Her own father, John Drew Barrymore, who never even lived with her at any point during her life, has a history of alcohol and drug arrests.
Drew struggled and fought hard during her years of drub abuse. But after appearing nude in Playboy in her late teens, Drew cleaned up her act. She starred in several romantic comedies including "40 First Dates". she later became a Cover Girl model and got involved in a U.N. charity. It seems that Drew ended the destructive drug curse that raged in her family. Many actors and actresses struggle with these same issues and never are cured. Drew is a rare example of success despite extreme addiction and hardship. Good job Drew, for setting an example to others in the entertainment industry.
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