Drew Barrymore Flashes David Letterman

In spite of many award winning movies and crazy personal highs and lows, the moment when Drew Barrymore flashed David Letterman may go down in her life story as one of the most memorable. At age six, the actress got her start as Gertie in "E.T.: the Extra-Terrestrial" and went on to become a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award winner for her 2009 turn as Little Edie in "Grey Gardens." But it is her dance atop David Letterman's desk that some remember as the quintessential Drew Barrymore moment.

In 1995, a 20-year-old Drew Barrymore was redefining herself. The underage partying at Studio 54, drugs, and rehab were behind her. Now a few years sober, she appeared in January's Playboy and was getting rave reviews for the film "Boys on the Side."

On April 12, 1995, Drew went on David Letterman's show as part of her comeback tour. After discovering it was Dave's birthday, she gave him a little impromptu birthday present. She hopped up on his desk, did a sexy little dance, turned her back to the camera, and pulled a "Girls Gone Wild" breast flash. David Letterman could not have been more delighted.

In 2007 when Drew Barrymore returned to "The Late Show with David Letterman" to plug "Music and Lyrics" Letterman coyly asked her, “You know I have a birthday coming up. Now is there a chance you might do something like that again?”

After Letterman's recent sex scandal, Drew Barrymore told CBS's "The Early Show," “I hope I didn’t start anything by jumping on his desk.”

Most likely Dave's problems weren't caused by Barrymore, but chances are the talk show host, and a lot of other people, will remember the actress for the time Drew Barrymore flashed David Letterman.

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